Dedicated to the genius of
"Bullfrog Fresh" Rainbow Trout, Smokin Good Fish & More  

  '87 / 1994 - PRESENT


“Soul Proprietor” Run -
Community Owned & Supported…
A Shared Ad-Venture in Growing a Farm Business-

An innovative practice & model for small and/or developing farms and rural business... Including alternate opportunities in finance and investment...

It is our way to Forge & Follow a Sustainable Path...
The understandings of such are experiential & guided by revered consultations.

   It's all about Relationships & having a Highest Regard for-

Our earth's environment, well being of communities & economic responsibility.


*History is Forever/1987-2000   *Farm’s Short Story/2012  *Fish Farm Crew 

*Million Dollar Fish Farm- Buy In or Buy Up   *Recruiting for Opportunity



Contact Herby, Soul Proprietor; *(715) 664-8775 or

"BUY UP" PRICE-- $375,000 (Negotiable/Depending) 
   * Priced for timely sale and at significantly below costs...

"BUY IN" PRICE-- Depending...

   * The LLC Member/Owner with majority share concludes Leadership and where the  

     Supportive LLC Member/Owners consist of other invested Farm Crew and Friends of the Farm…

                                 For more information- Recruiting for Opportunity


The accomplishments of this 1st generation fish farm adventure, by any standard, represents
the foundation & wherewithal needed to grow the farm’s present vision and/or launch a new…

* The Character of this Land and Water Resource offers favorable conditions for "Fish Farm" expansion.
* This Fish Farm Facility  has capabilities to
initiate and support any number of other community farming/business adventures.

Examples-- Aquaponics, Herb Gardens, Asparagus Crops, Fish-based-Fertilizers
, Small Livestock, Education/Research, Recreation, Music/Arts… Children/Family Camp, Farm Housing/Village… to just mention a few… * Lots of Vision to be had!

~ 21.31 acres... Detailed List available pending sincere interest…

Branding, Trademark, Recipes, Networks, Organization, Research/Development Projects & Experience...

Local Trout Route & Regional Service (Restaurants & Specialty Grocers)… Retail Mail Order…
Pondside Fishing & Retail Sales… Group Outings & Educational Tours... Learning Place & Resource…
Seasonal Hoots & Happenings (Hobo Shorelunches, Family Beer & Beverage Garden and Occasional
Live Music)… Local Pond Stocking & Consulting…

“Bullfrog Fresh” Trout Cuts… Delicious Smoked Trout Fillets, Famous Smoked Trout Spread,
Pickled Pink Trout Strips, Hobo Fish Spice… & The Bullfrog's Net-Works...
(Other Products from Local Farmers, Trappers & Good Food Folks- Seasonal & As available)

Longtime leader, innovator and participant in the “Sustainable Agriculture” and "Local Food Movements"…

Founder of the Preservation of Character Society- Using a rural way to tell a story…
Advocacy, Promotion & Education; Community Family Farms / Business & Notions in Humanality…


A Shared Ad-Venture in Growing Our Farm...


An Occasion for Leadership Transition and Farm Crew Development…

Farm Crew Run – Community Owned & Supported
We are now "scouting" for potential Farm Crew-- Member/Owners

     "Farmers-without-Land"... (Individuals, Couples or Group)

While a transitional plan will need to meet specified conditions and goals… the timeliness and

details of such will depend on the combined character, attributes/skills, resource investments and

commitment of an assembled/succeeding generation… Our LLC business entity and agreement will
provide the vehicle

It is presently imagined that this transition will require the gumption and wit of
three to five dedicated and diverse Farm Crew Member/Owners…

* At this time the LLC Member/Owner with majority share concludes Leadership and where the
Supportive LLC Member/Owners consist of other invested Farm Crew and Friends of the Farm…

Our LLC Agreement also holds provision for the combined shares of Member/Owners to assume    responsibility for Leadership of the Farm's Vision and Day to Day Operations…

The Bullfrog Fish Farm is a good place to be… Just follow the Yellow Fish Road...

For Shared Ad-Venture Inquires call or email
Herby Radmann, Soul Proprietor

715 664-8775…

Beyond the recruiting of "Farm Crew" Members/Owners... We will continue to recruit for Members/Owners wanting to Support our Vision & Way of research, business and facility/housing development...

Individual/s or Group wanting to Support our Vision and Way through Finance…



While eras don't have birthdays... These dates represent a time of great inspiration, vision and passion...

The below writing remains unedited from it's origin... and continues to represent our farm's essence...


From the "Soul Proprietor"- September, 1999

"12 years in building & 5 years in business-
Each year I almost make it at a higher level.

My biggest success has been getting here... 

If it weren't for money — I'd be a rich man!"
Inspiring meditation — updated March of 1999



           Frog Pioneers- "We'll put the swamp here!"



The Spring of 1987 discovery of a plentiful and pure water resource hidden just below the surface of a marginal and sandy farm field gave vision to fish farming as a way of life... "Permission" came as a result of an environmental assessment request made to the state regulatory agency... With projections for future growth, it is understood- The farm is a positive use of water and land resources!



My "spoon" is wooden... & the Vision is awesome... yet tenacity, gumption, wit and with a "Stone Soup" practice
of financing and community participation the farm, set in character and style, has become what it is today...
It's hard to realize- Seeing is believing!

The farm's facilities and systems are in place and proven... They have been continually improved upon and expanded... thus preparing the way for continued growth (with the removal of a little "bailing wire").

The farm is proficient in the production, processing and marketing of Rainbow Trout.
It has tapped its' market at the rate of 15-20,000 lbs. per year- most within its' own community of the
Chippewa Valley and earning a reputation of inventiveness while maintaining the highest regard for quality and services... again positioning itself for growth.

Diversified markets have been established... from our fresh cuts and famous smoked spread and fillets (route, pondside sales, and mail order) to recreation activities and tour buses to the sales of "EAT MY FISH" paraphernalia and education to a wide range of folks- including schools, clubs, agencies, and potential fish farmers... Other markets have been researched and some are ready.

Money Matters- Larger sums could have been expended to the same end... frugality has contributed to the significant achievement of building equity. The learning curve has been tamed and familiarity has given way to the actuality of numbers and needs... As a natural progression profitably and return on investments has moved up on the list of priorities - thus the furthering of the farm's aspirations. . .

Through assessment and preparation for the next step of this fish farm business... an advisory team has been called upon and is "working"- With scrutiny the door to a certain technology has been opened... the farm now computes and being "on line" suddenly has a new meaning... Anew business entity has been established, providing new tools, resources and flexibility... conceding to an aptitude for, and history in, making the desired happen, a business plan is in place- better resembling a process, related to serendipity yet steadfast in practice and vision.

With an "EAT MY FISH" attitude- The farm has not only weathered the pioneering & complex status of Wisconsin Fish Farming... It has also increased in its' understanding of the challenges of small developing rural business'... It has gained state wide status as a significant player in the defining & developing of its' "industry"- A "reserved credibility"! It has become a source of color and pride in the Chippewa Valley & "At Large"...




What is Bullfrog & Company / Bullfrog Fish farm LLC?

Limited Liability Company LLC- is a relatively new business entity... It is best known for its' protections from liabilities and its' taxation similar to that of a Partnership. Another appealing aspect is the freedom to contract - to bring in new business tools, to utilize the attributes of investment type financing and to practice a more flexible business style and process...

Bullfrog Fish Farm has stylized this entity by acknowledging and empowering its’ successes and community making way for a "camaraderie of challenge" to grow a farm fusing its' "mission and brand" it has created a higher sense of purpose and union in promotion and markets...Thus offering a shared opportunity for *AD-Venture- "values-added" investment!


January 1, 2000 - January 1, 2005...   A five year plan & based on fives
A process and notion in time lines, measuring sticks, and flukes.


Products and Services
Dedicated to the genius of "BULLFROG FRESH" RAINBOW TROUT, Smokin’ GOOD FISH & more…

"And more" is what the next five years will be about-

Building & growing a farm business on what is good & works.

Rainbow trout will remain the farm's specialized and year `round market. With the expansion of facilities and systems, it will produce and market up to 35-40,000 pounds per year, better filling its' present markets. The additional waters from this expansion will give way to a series of ponds and tanks for holding and rearing where the farm may begin to practice the growing of other species of fish. More immediately, the farm will further develop the Bullfrog's "Net" Works — relationships with other small farmers, trappers and entrepreneurs. For the past three years the farm has developed a market for live crayfish with this vision in mind- likewise, the Bullfrog Fish Farm will become known as a place to come for Wisconsin fish and products- Farmed, regional or related- seasonal or as available. The ultimate in Wisconsin's fresh water fish.

Farm visits- recreation, touring and education make up a social side of business... With a farmish presence, it is a gathering place. Trips to the farm have become regular activities for our Chippewa Valley neighbors... a destination for travelers including scores of foreign folks each year. Unlike the weather or seasonal changes, peoples' vacations, holidays, and special occasions are scheduled events. With the addition of a shelter more folks will be able to plan for such activities without dwelling on Wisconsin weather worries. With the shelter will come more people who can plan a gathering which will further enhance the opportunity for the low-key, simple family experience that folks are looking for... and the possibility of a family beer and beverage garden too.

The tongue-in-cheek of the "EAT MY FISH" slogan and a 5 year history of the "open dialogue" concerning rural culture, have become inseparable. They have triggered a magical response in the all too often absurd and homogenizing effects of our modern times. The farm continues to develop its' mission by using a rural way to tell a story... promoting, educating and advocating for small developing rural business' and a way of life... Its' reward is subsidized by the sales of EAT MY FISH / Preservation of Character paraphernalia.

Note- The physical additions at the Bullfrog Fish Farm are projected to be... a well, aerators, and related equipment… tanks and ponds, building of inventory from fish to T-shirts, multi-purpose building -value added processing, offices, storage and social areas... Completed in phases as resources become available...frugality and farmish funk will reign.

Economic Vitality-
Being a lifestyle based farm business, all values play a role in the vitality of economics... From an "upright way of life" to our relationships high and low and with expectations of due financial rewards to the farm crew, workers and other members.

Environmental Sustainability-
As a matter of principle, conscientious farm practice, scientific understanding and consultations, the farm will continue to hold the highest regard for its' responsible use of water and land resources.


Bullfrog Fish Farm, LLC, is membership controlled. Ownerships are being offered and referred to as memberships. In the spirit of the Bullfrog, memberships will be sold up to approximately 45% of the farm's determined value and the remaining 55% will be held by Herby Radmann. Therefore "Soul Proprietor" run...

Ownerships will be sold in $5,000 increments and/or minimums, with exceptions made to "farm crew" and suppliers of goods and services in trade and at a significant value.

An Advisory Counsel will be developed. Positions will be elected by members at the rate of one position for every $50,000 of additional investments and is tentatively decided not to exceed 5 positions. Counsel members will work with the farm's advisory team and meet as needed or at least once per year to review business records and prepare for the annual meeting. All members will be considered farm resources and may be called upon. Members will be invited to an annual meeting to receive reports, discuss business progress and to offer input... This meeting will adjourn into a gathering of support and celebration. Therefore community supported and owned…

What's in it for me/us?
A shared expectation for AD-Venture, purpose and camaraderie with an honorable return on investments... With an additional chance at a " longshot". *Proportionate share in yearly profits and losses
*Proportionate share in equity growth
*A membership agreement/contract
*A golden bumper sticker (signifying membership)
* Memberships may be sold or transferred like any other asset with minimum cost for transfer fees. The farm will receive first option to buy.
*Extenuating circumstances & opportunities may be considered and negotiated...

If you appreciate our AD-Venture… interested and wanting to partake- Call the farm!

Eat My Fish
Herby Radmann- Soul Proprietor
The Bullfrog Fish Farm LLC

Honest as possible…